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Arcot town is an historical Town with monuments and forts once Ruled by Arcot Navab. The Town is located on the southern bank of Palar river easily accessable from the capital of Tamil Nadu. Chennai with in the distance of 120 k.m. and District headquarters with in the distance of 25 k.m.

Arcot has been developing as a commercial centre for long time as it is connected to Chennai and Vellore by the National Highways-46 Ranipet to Krishnagiri Road, passing through this town. Arcot is famous for the course Rice variety called "Arcot Kicheli" and this several Rice mills and Paddy mundy's were established. Besides this Tourist see nick beauty namely "Delhi Gate" and "Green stone Mosque" with in the Town. This Generates floating population to this Town.

Arcot City was constituted in the year 1959 has Third Grade Municipality and subsequently upgraded to second Grade Municipality in the year 1973 and very Recently form July 1998 it has been upgraded to I Grade Municipality. The selected council with 30 members and Chair person (Men) are functioning from 25.10.2006.

Arcot Town has 7.49 Sq.k.m area with a population of 49953 as per 2001 censes.


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